About Us


Our Inspiration


The song ‘Vivaha Bhojanambu’ from the iconic Indian movie MayaBazaar (1957) beautifully combines life’s two greatest passions; Food and Movies. Indians generally are known for their love for movies and food, and we are no different. The restaurant itself, has been our dream for many years now, and we are fortunate to be sharing our dream with you. When we started planning our restaurant, it was obvious that there was no other name that would capture our essence better than MayaBazaar.


Our Confidence


We aim to take our guests down a street(Bazaar) with Indian Culinary Magic(Maya). Our sincere gratitude to the legendary people involved with the one and only MayaBazaar(1957) for being our source of Inspiration and courage. MayaBazaar will always put its best foot forward to provide the guests with the ultimate satisfaction when it comes to food. We use traditional cooking methods to create mouth watering traditional Indian Food. 


Final Word


So come on down to MayaBazaar and experience the magic of Indian Cuisine at its traditional best. We look forward to enthralling you with our food and service.